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Miracle Alien Cookies

Miracle Alien Cookies Strain

Miracle Alien Cookies strain or MAC is a THC-loaded strain that is highly medicinal. It is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain with 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. However, the effects are more Indica leaning than they are Sativa leaning. it comes from an amazing lineage, cross between Starfighter, Columbia, and Alien Cookies. MAC has a THC of 20% and 0.1% CBD.


Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

The buds of MAC are usually long and dense, having various shades of greens and hints of yellows scattered throughout its cured flowers. Each resin-covered bud has a meaty feel to it, letting you know you are about to embark upon an intense journey. The aroma of MAC is often musky and highlighted with sour citrus accents. Its flavor has been described as biting a zesty orange, with sweet floral and earthy undertones.

Miracle Alien Cookies Positive Effects 

  •         MAC is an uplifting hybrid strain that can be taken in the morning as a stimulator.
  •         Also, consumers have reported a general sense of excitement with a mild feeling of euphoria when taken in moderate doses.
  •         When used socially, this strain helps to set the stage for a light-hearted conversation.
  •         Thus, first-time users are however advised to go slow when using this strain, as taking in excess can cause an overwhelming effect.

Negative Effects 

In the same way, with other THC loaded strains, MAC can cause the following symptoms:

  •         Cottonmouth
  •         Dry Eyes
  •         Anxiety when taken in an outrageous amount


Medical Benefits of MAC 

MAC has long been known to help some users battle a plethora of mental concerns. For those struggling with depression, anxiety, or PTSD, a few tokes might help to ease your worries. Moreover, the CBD in this strain coupled with entourage benefits produces potent anti-seizure benefits.

In addition, this strain is used to tackle chronic pain that has not responded to traditional pain medications. Also, it has been used to relieve nerve pain in fibromyalgia.

Specifically, patients have used this strain to treat:

  •         Pain and Inflammation
  •         Seizures
  •         Stress and Depression
  •         Poor Appetite
  •         Nerve Pain
  •         Epilepsy
  •         Anxiety

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