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Kali Mist

About Kali Mist Strain

The award-winning Queen of all Sativa strains, Kali Mist, is a Sativa dominant hybrid that holds a multitude of awards and top titles in many competitions. It is a perfect strain for both expert and novice consumers. Although it has been tested to have a high THC of 26%, the average level is much lower at around 14% to 16%. The CBD level of this strain is approximately 0.45%. This strain offers a mood-elevating and euphoric high that is perfectly paired for yoga, meditation, or creative tasks, according to its reviewers.



The beautiful buds of the Kali Mist strain are dense, fluffy, and have light green leaves with sparse, orange-colored pistils. It has a smattering of trichomes that cover them, giving it a snowy appearance. As a Sativa, the plants may grow reasonably tall.

Kali Mist


The aroma of this strain is like typical cannabis. It has a musky, earthy undertone that is a little reminiscent of hops. Also, it has herbal notes blended with a refreshingly sweet fruity pine aroma when breaking the buds apart and a hint of spice.



This strain has a distinctive flavor in which it tastes both sweet and spicy at the same time. Thus, it comes with a lingering aftertaste of citrus and an earthy or herbal undertone during exhalation. 

Kali Mist: Effects 

Kali Mist has very typical Sativa effects. The high is concentrated in the head, with a buzzy feeling that leaves you bursting with energy. Users say that they not only feel energized but also uplifted. These qualities make Kali Mist a fantastic medical strain for mental disorders. Thus, it can induce psychedelic effects at higher doses. The spacy cerebral high may get the consumer feeling a little trippy, so exercise with caution in case you unwittingly trigger paranoia. 

Medical Benefits of Kali Mist Strain 

Despite its lack of CBD, there are still plenty of medical benefits for this strain. Primarily, it can help with mental conditions. The uplifting effect of this strain is excellent for those with mood disorders such as anxiety, stress, depression, and even bipolar disorders and PTSD. Additionally, the THC level of Kali Mist can stimulate pain relief such as headaches and mild chronic pains. However, it may not be as effective for more severe pain. It can cure appetite disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, owing to its appetite-inducing property.

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