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Purple Dragon

About Purple Dragon Strain


Purple Dragon is a mixture of Blue Dragon, a Sativa-Indica hybrid, and Purple Urkle, a powerful Indica favorite. Some say it is a cross of Blueberry and Sour Diesel. While Purple Dragon strain is often said to be a balanced hybrid, it leans towards Indica effects. Purple Dragon has relatively high THC levels of up to 21% and CBD levels of up to 1%. Because of its high THC content, consumers can expect a solid high when smoking this strain, with adverse effects among some of the most minimal seen in strains today. 


Purple Dragon has medium-sized, shape-shaped nuggets that are immediately eye-catching. Its flower holds together in a dense, solid formation, characteristic of other Indica varieties. Its tightly spiraling leaves are usually mossy green, threaded with vibrant orange pistils. Some phenotypes have varying patches of deep blue and purple in their buds. A dusting of cloudy white trichomes makes the already-colorful flowers even more colorful. This resin gives the buds a sticky texture and makes it particularly difficult to break up by hand.


This strain has a fragrance that is very sweet and earthy. It will entice its consumer with its special pungent fragrance, representing a floral and sage aroma.


This strain has a dynamic taste to match its visual appeal. This hybrid tastes both skunky and spicy, with hints of sweetness and flower adding an interesting twist in its flavor. Hence, this strain tastes earthy and like fresh and sticky pine and sage on the exhale. 


The side effects of this strain are relatively minor. Some users report a dry mouth or dry and itchy eyes. While low tolerance, consumers experienced some mild dizziness. Purple Dragon’s high is almost imperceptible at first but slowly creeps up on the user, emerging as a pressure in the face, particularly behind the eyes. Also, smokers may detect some increase of salivation at the back of the tongue. Then, its relaxing Indica properties will be revealed first. It will prompt a heavy head and droopy eyelids, leading its consumers to sit down and settle into the most comfortable and familiar surroundings. Meanwhile, as the high progress, a mild but persistent head high may also spring up to accompany a thorough body stone. A feeling of emotional uplift may be present too. Thus, this strain can be good for creative or analytical thinking. Likewise, it can be well-suited to passive activities like psychedelic enjoyment of music or movies.

Purple Dragon: Medical Benefits 

Purple Dragon’s heavy Indica sedation can soothe moderate to chronic aches and pains. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can be an effective treatment for different symptoms from nausea to migraine. The strain’s euphoric effects can blunt troubling symptoms of depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. Its sense of lucid focus may help those with attention deficit disorders to sustain their focus. Finally, in large doses, this strain can help combat stubborn cases of insomnia.

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