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About Lucid Blue Strain 

Lucid Blue is a Sativa-dominant hybrid (80% Sativa and 20% Indica). This mind-bending strain by Gage Green Genetics is a powerful cross between Grateful Breath and Blue Dream. Its wildly high THC level of up to 28% is a big factor in its lucid fluidity. This uplifting strain has the power to both relax the body and energize the mind without being too overpowering in either.

Lucid Blue


Lucid Blue buds have minty green spade-shaped nugs with bright blue undertones, vivid orange hairs, and sparkling frosty tiny white crystal trichomes. 


This strain has an aroma of fresh-picked blueberries with undertones of grass and haze, perfect for any Haze family fan. 


The taste of this strain is like blueberry being on the forefront and a hint of haze on the exhale. 


Immediately, the high begins fast and hits the users with a head rush and happy euphoria. The high starts with a subtle lifted effect that begins with a tingle in the back of the eyes. It is mostly cerebral with potent, heady effects that can increase focus and analytical thinking. Thus, it can promote productivity along with creative ideas. Also, it is a great strain to use for social activities and events, as it promotes chattiness and giggles. 

Medical Benefits of Lucid Blue Strain

In combination with its high 20-28% average THC level and 1-4% CBD level, these effects give it a highly medicinal edge. For instance, it is great for some mental health issues, like depression and stress. However, it can agitate others, such as mania, anxiety, or PTSD. This strain is great for those with digestive or appetite disorders too. Lucid Blue will give the right amount of energy to consumers suffering from chronic fatigue. Also, this strain can ease mild-to-moderate pain issues. 

Explore your mind with Lucid Blue. This energetic high is definitely one to take on an adventure, if that’s your thing. You can check Lucid Blue at Herb Castle and find different premium quality cannabis products.

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