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golden goat

Golden Goat Strain Overview

The Golden Goat strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a 65:35 Sativa to Indica ratio. Its name bears resemblance to its appearance at harvest: fuzzy light green leaves and golden buds that sometimes bear a hint of pink. Golden Goat has 1% of pain-relieving CBD in its genes, as well as THC composition that averages about 16% but can test as high as 23%.

golden goat


Golden Goat has dense and medium-sized buds that have a solidly Indica appearance, with heavy and tightly packed leaves. Its leaves are bright green with some hints of pink or red in certain phenotypes – these varied hues result from pigments called anthocyanins being activated by unusually cold weather during the plants’ vegetative state. The flowers are also very sticky and coated in amber-colored trichomes that give the cured buds the golden glow that is referenced in this strain’s name. 


When the scent of Golden Goat hits your nose, it has a refreshing hit of fragrant citrus. An earthy twist that almost reminisces a sugary bark offset it. 


The taste of this cannabis strain is like its citrus, earthy, and sweet aroma. However, it leans a bit more towards the tropical-fruity elements of its Hawaiian genetics. 

Type of High 

This strain has a high that creeps up gradually instead of hitting users right away. At first, it begins as a buzzy Sativa-like high where users may sense a magnification of their surroundings with sharper sounds and enhanced colors. Then, this sensory distortion mellows out into physical relaxation. The body stone from Golden Goat is not heavy. In fact, consumers can still be as mobile as they would like. 

Medical Benefits of Golden Goat 

The concurrent feelings of emotional uplift and physical relaxation of Golden Goat make it useful for medical cannabis users. Here, it can help different symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or even PTSD. Also, it is mildly pain-killing effects can help ease chronic aches and pains. Finally, if consumed in large enough doses, it can provide the full sedative effects necessary to put users into a restful sleep.

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