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About Rockstar Master Kush Strain


Rockstar Master Kush is a cannabis strain with a heavily leaning 90% Indica blend that is roughly 10% Sativa. It is a blend of Master Kush, Sensi Star, and Afghani Indica. Despite the presence of some limited Sativa-like effects, this strain is best used late at night or on days with few responsibilities, as it can induce couch-lock.

rockstar master kush

Type of High

THC levels have been measured above 15%, making this a moderately potent choice great for newcomers and occasional tokers. Some heavily Indica-based strain often nail you to the floor without a moment’s notice. However, Rockstar Master Kush goes about things differently. Its physical effects will kick right away with a soft, warming sensation. Then, once you are a bit more relaxed, your mind will drift. Thus, consuming this strain will make no limits on getting a feeling of happiness. Finally, before you fade off into a peaceful slumber, consider satiating your munchies with a snack from the kitchen. 

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor 

The Rockstar Master Kush bud is light with abundant brown pistils and a layer of shiny trichomes. This strain is exceptional with the sweet odor it emits to go with the fresh smell of wood and earth. It has a minty note which enhances its aroma further. While a mild minty aroma accompanies this strain, it is the menthol that makes it smooth and easy on the throat. It has a fruity flavor of berry that makes it truly delightful. 

Medical benefits of Rockstar Master Kush

This strain is excellent for medical users who are looking for relief without getting knocked out. It can aid both physical and mental concerns. Often issues like stress and depression can keep you awake for hours, yet this strain soothes even the most racing of minds. Chronic pain, inflammation, and temporary issues will also be taken down quite a few pegs, and if you have problems with insomnia, a few tokes might just do the trick.


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