9 Pound Hammer – Cannabis in Canada

9 Pound Hammer Overview 

9 Pound Hammer is an 80% Indica-dominant hybrid strain which is a cross of Gooberry, Hell’s OG, and Jack the Ripper. The combination of these genetics ensures that this strain has heavy-hitting, sedative effects. 

Additionally, this strain provides a sensation that first smacks you right across the head. Later, it moves slowly down into your body, where it stays for the duration of the high. 

Moreover, 9 Pound Hammer can make the consumer feel light and floaty while simultaneously giving you a couch-lock. Thus, this feeling is not unpleasant; it will make the consumer feel relaxed in both body and mind. 

9 Pound Hammer

9 Pound Hammer Effects 

The most common side effects are dry mouth and eyes. Other effects include munchies, dizziness, and headaches. A small percentage of 9 Pound Hammer users may also experience anxiety.

The effects of 9 Pound Hammer are not as cerebral compared to other hybrid strains. However, it brings a state of mild euphoria that can make the user feel enjoyment in what he is doing. 

It provides long-lasting effects, and the feeling of deep relaxation continues as the high progresses. This can lead to blissful drowsiness and help the user drift into a peaceful sleep. 

For this reason, 9 Pound Hammer is the perfect strain to enjoy in the evening to help you unwind. 

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance 


It has a complex aroma with earthy, incense-like notes because of its primary Indica genetics. However, these are complemented by sweeter, fruity scents, including hints of grape and lime. 


The fruity aroma of this strain carries through into the flavor. It has a sweet, citrus undertone that borders on a slightly tropical taste. It provides a smooth and creamy smoke, which is a genuine pleasure to inhale.


The appearance of this strain is dense and chunky. Their primary color is a light, mossy green, with few purple shades amongst some of its leaves. These exist abundantly alongside bright orange pistils and a dense layer of frosty trichomes. The buds are sticky and resinous and may be an excellent choice for anyone thinking about making hash and concentrates. 

THC Content–Highest Test 

The THC content of this strain is between 14% and 25%, with an average content of around 19%. It is a reasonably potent strain and perhaps not suitable for marijuana newbies. 

Medical Benefits of the 9 Pound Hammer Strain 

This strain is rich in a terpene called myrcene, which handles its heavily sedating effects. Because of that, it may help mood disorders like stress and depression. Because of its sedating effects, make it more popular among cannabis consumers with insomnia. 

Some users consume this strain to relieve various painful conditions, including migraines, cramps, and muscle spasms. 

Finally, it can enhance your appetite. Therefore, it may be beneficial for people who are trying to gain weight. 


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