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Blackberry Kush Strain

About the Strain

Blackberry Kush is an Indica-dominant strain that stems from the combination of Afghani Indica and hybrid Blackberry.

It is one of the famous quality cannabis which originates in the diverse California medical cannabis scene.

As a strong Indica, it becomes popular among veteran smokers and recreational users alike.

Blackberry Kush

THC Content–Highest Test

Blackberry Kush THC content can be as low as 13% and it can go as high as 20%.

Strain Aroma

The smell of this strain is sweet and noticeable, which can fill up any room. It smells much like a spiced bowl of berries and is distinct in its sweet blackberry scent. This strain is very pungent and appetizing, and it can leave your mouth watering.

Strain Flavors

This strain has a robust, earthy, diesel flavor coupled with sweet blackberries. It tastes like biting into a mouthful of berries when you inhale. Later, the earthy fuel flavor becomes apparent on the exhale. Also, it has a pleasant berry taste that lingers long on the palate.

Strain Appearance

Similar to a typical Indica, it has dense nugs covered with dark green leaves and a purple coating. While some plants have dark purple calyxes, giving the strain a blackberry-type appearance. Rust-colored pistils stand out prominently against the purple hues.

Strain Adverse Reactions

This strain can make you feel slightly dehydrated; giving your mouth a feel like it is filled with cotton. Likewise, it leaves your eyes feeling dry. Sometimes, a slight headache may occur, accompanied by dizziness. Furthermore, it can leave you feeling slightly paranoid when consuming too much of this strain.

Medical Benefits of Blackberry Kush

This strain is popular among medical marijuana users suffering from depression, insomnia, or chronic pain.

Additionally, it can help ease muscle spasms and has an appetite-enhancing effect and antiemetic properties.

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