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Eleven Roses Strain


About the Strain

Eleven Roses are the product of outstanding and award-winning mother strain Sugar Black Rose and impressive father strain Appalachian Kush. This mixture of prime genetic specimens created a strain with a stunning palette of color and taste. This pure Indica produces an almost instant and powerful high that immediately melts away any pain and bodily tension. While this strain leans on the heavier Indica side, it does not weigh the user down but will promote sessions of creativity and mental clarity.


Eleven Roses Strain

Eleven Roses: A Sleep-Inducing High

The THC rating of Eleven Roses usually hovers around 24-25%, making it a powerful feminized cannabis variety. As a result, most users except for the most experienced will probably feel her effects hit them hard and strong. She induces a deep sense of relaxation and can even be used medicinally to help those who may suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Additionally, Eleven Roses have been used to treat conditions of anxiety, depression, chronic pain/tension, and headaches or migraines.

Pungent Aromas and Flavors for Maximum Relaxation

Eleven Roses is a feminized marijuana strain with a unique smell, taste, and appearance. When smoked, to begin with, this plant displays a slightly metallic “Kush” type taste, giving way after a few seconds to subtle sweet fruit and damp earthy notes, which we are sure will surprise you pleasantly. Moreover, fantastic for evening consumption to help de-stress and aid in sleep.

Genetics for a Black Rose Flavor

This strain is a cross between a male Appalachian kush and a Sugar Black Rose (DS27) female.

Furthermore, this mixture of prime genetic specimens created a strain with a stunning palette of color and taste. The flowers and sugar leaves of Eleven Roses display colors of green, yellow, red, and purple.

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