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Nuclear Cookies

About Nuclear Cookies

Nuclear Cookies is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica/50% Sativa) created through a cross of the hard-hitting Chernobyl X Girl Scout Cookies strains. Certainly, this strain is not for the newbie. It is consistent with an average of 21% THC. 

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of Nuclear Cookies 

The buds of this strain have a sweet herbal nutty flavor with rich chestnut and earth. The aroma is very pungent and woody with a nutty herbal overtone accented by rich, dank earth. This bud has long narrow olive green nugs with lots of thin orange hairs and a coating of minty greenish-tinted trichomes. 


A happy balance awaits you as you take your first puff of this bud, blending an upbeat attitude with soothing physical effects. Certainly, Nuclear Cookies will give its consumer a feeling of motivation and bring you to the upper echelons of joy. This strain will give you an even sense of cerebral stimulation that allows you to focus on your tasks with a good attitude.

Consequently, the high starts with a lifted euphoria that fills your mind with focused bliss, erasing away any negative or racing thoughts. As your mind experiences true clarity, your body will drop off into a state of pure relaxation, leaving you at ease with the world around you. 

Medical Benefits of Nuclear Cookies 

In this case, Nuclear Cookies’ hard-hitting effects make it a perfect choice for medical conditions. It helps to offset symptoms of stress and depression. A little consumption of this strain can clear away the proverbial dark clouds in your mind. Additionally, it can ease physical ailments such as headaches, cramps, and generalized bodily pain. In fact, some consumers find it helpful to work up an appetite. 

Finally, try Nuclear Cookies on your next smoking adventure and see how you like her. Between a tasty blend of flavors and a set of effects, this strain may become your new favorite.

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