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How to Recover from a Weed hangover

Weed hangover

Weed hangovers are not like those brought on by alcohol. Weed hangovers are more tolerable than alcohol-related ones. Mind fog is one of the most common side effects when facing a weed hangover. This can prevent you from performing important tasks, hinder you to focus, or feel disoriented and unaware. Learn more on how to recover from Weed Hangover.

Cannabis with higher THC levels makes a hangover more likely, especially if you have consumed it beyond your tolerance level. Edibles metabolized slowly in the body and may still be active the next morning, driving you to experience this hangover. Cannabis smoking or vaping is less likely to lead you to a hangover, but the possibility exists.

Common weed hangover symptoms may include:

  •         Brain fog and inability to focus – Hazy feeling is one of the most common residual effects of eating or smoking heavy weeds.
  •         Dull, persistent headache – Some people thought it could be dehydration that contributes to headaches.
  •         Grogginess or fatigue – Too much consumption of medical cannabis or recreational marijuana can lead the effects to seep over the next day.
  •         Cottonmouth – It is the reduction in saliva output. It is increasingly uncomfortable and even contributes to conditions like bad breath and sore throat.
  •         Sensitivity to bright lights and loud noises

How to get rid of weed hangover

  •         STAY HYDRATED. This will help relieve symptoms such as dry mouth, headaches, and dry eyes.
  •         TAKE A COLD SHOWER. Cold showers wake up the body by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, discharging hormones that feel similar to the adrenaline rush. You will feel sharper, have a better mood, and you’ll be able to mitigate the haze.
  •         DRINK CAFFEINE. Coffee stimulates the mind and puts us into a state of alertness. A quick jolt of caffeine will help to balance the energy deficit and give you an extra boost.
  •         EAT A NUTRITIOUS BREAKFAST. Take a healthy, balanced breakfast the morning after consuming weed.
  •         HAVE SOME PAIN RELIEVER. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever for persistent headaches.

Try to take it easy for the rest of the day. A good night’s rest should make you wake up feeling like yourself again.

How to prevent a weed hangover

There are plenty of ways to minimize the negative effects of wee.

  •         Avoid smoking weed at night before an important activity.
  •         Take days off.
  •         Limit your use.
  •         Use caution when trying a new product.
  •         Do not mix weed with other substances.
  •         Talk to your healthcare provider.

NOTE: Smoking rather than consuming edibles is another strategy that may work. Seek for strains that are lower in THC, the higher the CBD, the less likely you are to feel a hangover. The best way to prevent a marijuana hangover is to know your personal limit. Knowing and honoring your body’s limitations is the best way to prevent this kind of hangover while enjoying the potential benefits of cannabis.


weed hangover

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