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What Makes Weed Sticky?

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Simple, sticky weed is caused by the resin from the plant. Don’t worry! You have some of the highest quality weed, the golden nugget, as some might say.

The resin from the plant or the essential oil is like the sap of the plant. Trichomes produce resin. If there are no seeds in your sticky marijuana, and the color is a rich green, then you have excellent quality sticky cannabis. Sadly, sticky weed is difficult to find, since growing it is a high commitment and sold rarely for recreational purposes.

The best way to find sticky cannabis is by smell. Its distinct aroma is because it was well-stored, well-cured, and not exposed to oxygen after they plucked it from the plant. Anything with a musty aroma shows low-quality marijuana. If they pick the flower too early, it won’t develop trichomes, and the weed will barely have a euphoric effect.

Another reason for it being high quality is it does not have seeds. If you buy weeds with seeds, be sure to clean them up properly because they can cause infertility in men.

Is Dry Weed Bad?

Dry weed is not bad at all. It’s a weed to those who are on a budget. Though it produces more nugs, the flavor profile is quite similar. However, it burns faster and hotter compared to sticky cannabis.

Turning Dry Cannabis to Sticky Weed

Exposure to oxygen has led to the breakdown of resins, causing the weed to dry. Some people turn dry weed into sticky cannabis by wetting it with a Q-Tip and store it in an airtight container. The cotton should not touch the weed. Follow the process for a couple of days until trichomes are sticky and produce a certain amount of resin, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

Another way is to keep an orange or lemon peel with the dry weed in an airtight container for a couple of days. The easiest way to make your own weed sticky.


It is important not to confuse sticky weed with damp weed. Order online and check your options HERE.

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