Emperor Cookie Dough King Craft – Canada

emperor cookie dough

Emperor Cookie Dough – King Craft

emperor cookie dough

About Emperor Cookie Dough

Emperor Cookie Dough King Craft is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with powerful effects. Created by Vancouver-based breeding group BC Seeds, this strain is a cross between Emperor OG and the notorious Girl Scout Cookies. This strain creates a balance of effects and a very complex flavor profile. In 2016, High Times deemed Emperor Cookie Dough as one of the strongest strains, its THC content is between 19% to 31%.

Emperor Cookie Dough stands out from the pack with medium to large-sized flowers, maintaining a chunky, pinecone-like shape. This strain has an Indica-typical structure, with short, wide leaves that curl tightly inwards. The leaves are a bright shade of lime green and twisted through with red and rust-colored pistils. Finally, cloudy white to yellowish trichomes coat these knobby buds. As a result, it makes it sticky and difficult to break up without a quality grinder.

Just like parent strain Girl Scout Cookies, Emperor Cookie Dough gives off a toasted, biscuity scent when properly cured. A closer aroma of the strain may also pick up some slight citrus notes. Meanwhile, it releases more of a sweet, skunky odor when broken apart during grinding.

Emperor Cookie Dough Effects

  1.       The high from Emperor Cookie Dough becomes obvious soon as they inhale its fragrant smoke. At the start, consumers may feel a head rush, followed by a slightly increased pulse around the temples and cheekbones.
  2.       It is possible to experience stimulation of the salivary glands and flush in the cheeks.
  3.     It may also enable work on open-ended creative and artistic projects.
  4.     Its long-lasting buzz can simply provide a pleasant backdrop to otherwise boring activities like household chores.

Physical Effects

Relaxation may run down the spine and radiate out to the core and limbs. As a result, it helps relieve any muscular tensions and facilitates deep and easy breathing.

We recommend it to consume Emperor Cookie Dough starting in the late afternoon through early evening.

Emperor Cookie Dough can dull aches and pains, whether chronic or because of minor inflammation. In particular, it’s “headband-like” effect around the eyes and temples can relieve some painful intraocular pressure. We do not recommend emperor Cookie Dough for patients who are prone to paranoia or panic, because of its strong and potentially disorienting patterns.

Try It Now!

With the balance between mental and physical properties, Emperor Cookie Dough is ideal for Indica and Sativa enthusiasts. Get yours NOW!


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