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BC Rockstar – Everything You Need to Know

BC Rockstar (aka Rockstar Kush) is a popular Indica-dominant hybrid strain created in British Columbia. Its Indica dominance has a variety of medical uses, but only for specific things. They sometimes call this strain Purple Rockstar, BC Rockstar, Rock Bubba, or Purple Rockstar strain.

BC Rockstar

BC Rockstar Strain Genetics

Some unknown BC breeders brought together a Kush relative and Rockstar strain to create Rockstar kush. They smashed together these two Indica strains to create a very potent, but also very relaxing strain. The two strains that went into Rockstar Kush are:

  •         Bubba Kush
  •         Rockstar

THC Percentage

Indica-dominant hybrid has an average THC content of 12-13%. However, BC Rockstar blows this out, having the advantage of OG Kush relatives. It has an average THC level of 22% and goes as high as 25%. This can overwhelm some consumers, especially a new stoner.


The closest to describe the smell of this strain would be that it is flowery, spicy, and earthy blended together.


This strain is a very spicy, earthy taste that should be appreciated inside a flower vaporizer. For the full taste experience, grind your weed up first. The full taste of Rockstar Kush is:

  •         Earthy
  •         Skunk
  •         Woody

Type of High

BC Rockstar is a 75/25 Indica hybrid strain. This cannabis strain’s high begins with a hazy, introspective sense of euphoria which spreads to full-body relaxation and just a touch of sedation. This can develop into a heavy couch-lock with some serious munchies.

Medical Use

Most of the time, consuming this strain ends up sleeping. For this reason, people who suffer from insomnia certainly find a wonderful benefit in this strain. Also, it delivers full-body relaxation that helps clear the mind and wipes out stress. Furthermore, even people suffering from depression may find it useful. The Indica traits of this strain can also help soothe sore muscles. Consequently, it can ease some pain and aches caused by chronic illness. Additionally, this can also help consumers who need help in improving their appetite because of its munchies effect.

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