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The Amazing Rockstar Tuna Strain

Rockstar Tuna or Tuna Kush is a new strain and is making enormous waves. It is a cross of the heavyweight Tuna Kush (Rockbud) and the classic Rockstar (Sensi Star). This strain is known for its high potency and intense high. Also, it gives powerful effects without debilitating sedation. While it’s a hybrid, the high taste and appearance manifest its Indica lineage. For those looking for a knockout strain, Rockstar Tuna delivers a hell of a punch. 

rockstar tune

Type of High 

The buzz it produces is perfect for fans of great Kush. It gives lifted effects that leave the consumer ravenously hungry and relax for hours. Right away, it comes floating in with dreamy, euphoric feelings that Kush is known for. Afterward, the high continues to settle in, sinking into muscles while easing anxieties. Certainly, it is a dream-like high that is rich and comfortable. Finally, Rockstar Tuna stands out once the high starts to fade and burnout creeps in. 

Unlike other heavyweight Kush, the burnout of this strain is pleasant. This won’t leave you a feeling of couch-lock. 

Besides, it gives you a dry mouth and dry eyes effects after consumption. Also, it can cause anxiousness, paranoia, and dizziness. Your body fades away into ease without sedation and gives a deep sense of relaxation, as your mind lifts higher and higher. 

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance 

The aroma of the bud is wonderful with chunky, fresh, and clean undertones to match its attractive appearance. This strain has a mixture of dark forest and pale green shades with beautiful long leaves and is covered in a fine coating of crystals. The buds have rounded various orange hairs with minty green nugs that are coated with frosty thick amber crystal trichomes. 

While the smoke is thick and heavy, it’s easy to smoke and has a unique, memorable flavor. At first, you will notice its skunky, earthy taste, allowing you to know it is a Kush. Later, you will get the taste of a clean and spicy aftertaste. The combination of Indica and Sativa genes really shines with its flavor, making this one familiar and different all at the same time. 


  • Very Potent, with THC between 19% – 26%.
  • It has a unique flavor
  • Gives an intense psychological and physically high
  • Low burnout 


  • Relatively rare but its popularity is increasing
  • Maybe too intense for people new to cannabis 

Medical Use of Rockstar Tuna

This strain is effective in managing pain, nausea, and other physical ailments. They often choose it for consumers suffering from muscle spasms, chronic pain, stress, loss of appetite, or inflammation. Its strong high can lower feelings of unease and discomfort, while the light burnout still leaves cognitive and motor functions in good shape.

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