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Shatter: DIY Concentrate

How to Make a Shatter: Your DIY Concentrates

Learning how to make a shatter is an excellent skill to have. With a few easy steps and a simple recipe, you can create your own Shatter. Let’s get started and create your own Shatter DIY Concentrate! Let us give you a brief idea of shatter and guide you through some tips that will help you with the process.

Quick Introduction to Shatter

Shatter is usually a hard, glass-like substance, but that’s not always the case. It can be soft, gooey, or resemble a wax-like substance. Some people like to go for the hard, “snap” style shatters for its looks and ease to use.

The amount of an extracted shatter depends on the type of flower and your own mastery of the process. A general yield is 10-15 percent return based on an ounce of flower. It also depends on the THC content of your flower.

To begin with, here’s a word of caution on how to make a shatter. Producing your own shatter at home with no professional experience and a work-safe lab has its dangers! Hence, use extreme caution and thoroughly follow the steps to avoid injury.


Gather all the materials before thinking to start your DIY shatter.

  • 1 or 2 ounces of cannabis: the potency of the cannabis will influence the yield. A good idea is to experiment with a lower grade or a smaller batch for the first time.
  • An extraction tube: you can shop this online.
  • 2 butane canisters
  • Electric range and a double boiler
  • A Pyrex dish
  • Parchment paper
  • Single-edged razor blades
  • Vacuum purging kit: you can shop online to get this.

Have you completed all the ingredients? Great! It is now time for you to learn how to make shatter.

How to Create Shatter: DIY Concentrate

Cook and Preparation Time

The entire duration of this process to create shatter takes 1 to 2 hours, but you’ll want to let it cool after. For instance, you can leave it overnight or put the finished product in the freezer for a couple of more hours.


Store your shatter in a cool, dark place to keep its potency. You can also save your shatter in the freezer to preserve its glass-like consistency. No worries! Shatter has no extract expiration date. Just like any other cannabis product, leaving it unused for a longer time will decrease its potency.

6 Steps to Make Shatter

  • Grind your cannabis.

Grind your cannabis to make it easier for you to purge it. It doesn’t have to be like a powder but simply broke up into smaller pieces. You can also use scissors and skip the grinding part. Let the ground cannabis sit and dry, the butane won’t purge properly on fresh cannabis.

  •  Fill the extraction tube.

Fill the extraction tube with ground cannabis. Make sure that it is tight but not squished. Make sure that there shouldn’t be any air pockets but not too tight in order for the butane to saturate the flower. A good ratio is one ounce of shatter per extraction tube.

  • Fill the extraction tube with butane.

We suggest taking this step outside in a well-ventilated area to reduce the chance of accidents. Any little spark could set the butane to ignite. Any location will do but keep it in mind to keep it away from any buildings, lighters, smokers, or anything that might cause the butane to ignite.

You will use one full canister of butane per vacuum tube and an ounce of cannabis. There are 2 sides to the extraction tube, one has a filter while the other part has a little hole. The end with the opening is the one that the butane injects through. Placed the filtered end over the Pyrex dish and unload the canister. Keep going until it emptied the canister. During the process, a greenish or brown liquid oil will cover the Pyrex; this is the beginning remnants of shatter. Use safety gloves and do it outside.

  • Evaporate the butane.

 When evaporating, the butane comes with its risks. Therefore, use an electric range instead of a gas stove. Using a gas stove is dangerous, though electric range comes with its risks but relatively safe.

Fill your boiler and place the Pyrex container on top, this will evaporate the butane from the shatter. In this case, butane is dangerous to inhale. Using a double boiler will evaporate most of the butane. Once the hash oil stopped bubbling, the process is complete!

  • Vacuum purge.

Use a vacuum purge to get the purest shatter possible. Particularly, it is best done in a ventilated area. We highly recommend using the store-bought vacuum purge kit instead of the DIY water purge, as it can ruin the product if not done properly.

  • Scrape your shatter.

After completing the final vacuum purge, your shatter is ready to cool. Scrape the BHO onto the parchment paper and let it cool.


Finally, you have just created your own Shatter: DIY Concentrate!

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