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Smoke Weed

Smoke Weed: Beginners and Seasoned Users Guide

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Smoke Weed – buy cannabis online in Canada – Beginners and seasoned users’ guide. Why do many people say they felt nothing the first time? This could result from not inhaling it the proper way or not finding the best smoking method for the first time hit. Buy cannabis online and Smoke Weed and get ideas on how to enjoy your weed.

Smoke Weed for the First Time

Smoking weeds can be tricky, and there are a few tips on how to smoke weed and make the most of those first tokes.

  •         Set the scene. It is important that you feel safe and comfortable to avoid unwanted reactions of paranoia.
  •         Know what to expect. Be ready for the possibility of not getting high on your first use.
  •         Be with the people you love. While it is fun to be around people, an enormous crowd can cause paranoia, or risk people messing with you for their own twisted enjoyment.
  •         Get your favorite food. Stick to what you prefer to eat, there is no secret recipe on it; keep your snacks handy, no matter what, as the munchies struggle is real.
  •         Find the best way to smoke weed with the right strain. Choosing your preferences, your location, and to whom you are with is crucial.

 How to Smoke Weed Without Coughing?

Vaping is perfect if you are a first-time user to smoke weed. While there are ways to avoid coughing while you smoke weed, it is all part of it. When you cough, it excites your muscles in your lungs, which causes the smaller air capillaries to open. 

Here are some ideas to lessen your coughing experience.

Try a diffuser or percolator. A “perc” or percolator is an additional water chamber added to the main shaft of the bong tube. This adds extra water, which cools down the smoke and makes it easier to inhale.

Take a smaller hit. Take a smaller hit, and take your time, it might not make your lungs for an enormous hit. Some users have a smaller lung capacity, and it is more desirable to take smaller hits.

Take a deep breath. Do not smoke a joint like a cigarette. Breathing slowly and sniffing deeply into your lungs will not clutter your throat. Be certain to draw the smoke into your mouth first and inhale it into your lungs along with fresh air.

 Get good quality weed. Sometimes coughing can result from smoking bad quality weeds. Some weeds might be full of chemicals, pesticides, or downright skunk. Go for better quality smoke to maximize your experience.

Use a vaporizer. A vaporizer works by using heat to turn your buds into water vapor; this means it requires no burning. It will be easier on your lungs as nothing is being combusted; it is simply water vapor.

Keep liquid close by, not alcoholic beverages. Though following other tips mentioned above, there is still a chance of getting your lungs irritated causing you to cough. Whether you are a first-time user or a skillful user, be sure to keep a glass of water beside you. Drink water before, during, and after your smoking session. Always remember to keep yourself hydrated.

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On some occasions where you find it almost impossible not to cough when using marijuana, trying at least a couple of tips mentioned above will enhance your smoking experience. If this will not work for you, consider trying vaporizer, it allows a smoother smoking sensation which hopefully can lower coughing possibilities.


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