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Sneaky Tips to Hide The Smell of Marijuana

The smell of cannabis is usually strong and unmistakable. But how do you cover this iconic weed smell that anyone can recognize from a mile away? Learn some tips on how to hide the smell of marijuana.

Marijuana in the Air

Catching a whiff of marijuana in the air can be a grand thing, but catching a nose-full while staying at a conservative place may not have a great outcome. Consider the following tips:

Use a Doob Tube – A doob tube or sploof is a home-made device designed to make the smell of weed turn into a smell of fresh laundry. Simply stuff a toilet paper or paper towel roll with dryer sheets or fabric lightly soaked in Febreze, then exhale the weed smoke through it. The dryer sheet will filter the smoke and works to dilute the dank weed smell.

Air Purifier / Room Deodorizer – Air fresheners like Febreze or Ozium are simple, surefire ways to cover up cannabis smell. Simply use it after your session as per instructions on the packaging and you are good to go.

Vaping – Invest in a vaporizer to use cannabis discreetly and minimize smell when using it. Not only does it offer fewer health risks associated with smoking, but it produces much less odor.

Ventilate – The smell of marijuana is most noticeable in stagnant conditions. Try minimizing the smell, creating plenty of airflows.

Marijuana on Your Skin, Hair, or Clothing

Here are few ideas to keep in mind:

Be Mindful of Your Hair – Pull back your hair when smoking to reduce the surface area on which smoke can catch, then let it down after you’re done to allow more air to reach individual strands.

Get Outside – Get out in the sun for 30-45 minutes after your next smoke sesh to burn off excess weed residue on the body and clothes. Thus, UV rays neutralize odor.

Cooking with Cannabis

When cooking cannabis, it may fill every room of the home with the scent of sweet sinsemilla. Though you can cut the scent using candles, air purifiers, and what-not, ensure to cover your cannabis during the cooking process.

Pungent foods like onions and garlic can quickly over-power the powerful scent of marijuana.

Smell-Proof Storage

Keep your weed in a confined space, like a storage room or broom closet. Cover them with plastic to avoid catching the attention of other people.

There are many reasons to hide the smell of marijuana. No matter what yours, try these tips to make your effort effective. Visit our online store NOW.

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