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Why Are Gummies Great

Edible cannabis innovates over the years. It started with brownies, homemade cookies, and Rice Krispies Treats and moved toward the rise of mints, tarts, and candies. Yet, one type of edible has risen to the top of every legal market’ chart: Gummies. But why are gummies great for cannabis users?

Gummies: Why It Becomes a Popular Edible?

Gummies are delicious and easy to eat which makes them loved by many. Here are a few technical aspects that make it great.


You will find no easier method for accurate dose cannabis than gummies. It makes them uniform and gets an exact dose. Compared to chocolates and fruits that come in different sizes, the consistency of these edibles is hard to get.


Everyone is always in the mood to eat a little candy, making gummies great anytime. While edibles like brownies, cookies, and tarts are occasional eats.

Additionally, it has fewer calories compared to other edibles.


Baked goods become old and stale. On the other hand, candies have a longer shelf life. Thus, you surely will not eat an old brownie you left for a long time, but you’ll definitely eat a gummy in a wrapper left in your pocket.


While chocolate melt-up, it ruins the cannabinoids and terpenes and weakens the effects and experience in use. However, gummies made with pectin over gelatin have a much longer melting point.

Producing Gummies vs. Other Edibles

Every gummy produced in a batch must have the same THC percentage. If not, it will not pass the testing process. The process is much easier than with baked goods and chocolates.

According to Adam Grablick, Chief Operation Officer of California’s Kiva Confections, “Water, sugar, gelatin or pectin, some flavoring, something to add color; it’s definitely not rocket science. Chocolate is more artisanal. Chocolate is a very hands-on panning process. A lot of it is the handling of the chocolate, the temperature, how you’re forming the actual piece,”

Furthermore, we will see more expansions of cannabinoids, terpenes, and production methods of gummies. Check different candies and get yours now by visiting our online store – Click Here!

why are gummies great

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